Website Design Packages

We offer a one-time free consultation regarding your website needs.  We love designing websites, social media campaigns and helping small businesses grow.

Basic Website
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$399/plus tax 

  • WordPress website with theme installed.
    • First year FREE hosting, after that $30/year
    • Completely customized to your brand and marketing needs,
      ideal for small businesses like hotels, B&B, bars, restaurants, gyms, classes, consulting, etc.
    • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
    • Google Sitemap and Google Analytics Installed
    • Training on how to make pages, posts, categories
    • Training on how to Upload pictures
    • Training on how to Embed videos

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Standard Website, including Ecommerce

$1,790/plus tax

  • A basic website plus…..
  • e-commerce capablility through Shopify
  • Sell in your Store, on FB, Pinterest, Twitter
  • integrated with Social Media
  • we do it all for you
  • tell us what you want
  • we will create it and train you how to maintain it

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Premium Website

starting at 

$2,989/plus tax

  • All of the Standard Website plus ecommerce features, plus….
  • Marketing Campaigns including targeting, digital artwork for ads, and copy.

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Internet Marketing Packages

Below you’ll find all our exclusive Social Media & Ad Campaign Packages that will help you jump start your Social Media presence, create a Target Audience, or simply drive Lots of Traffic to your website.

Facebook Fanpage

$89/plus tax

For the customer who wants to get socially savy on Facebook; get 1,000+ fans over time; appear in first positions in Social Search on FB; get good EdgeRank so all Fans see posts

  • A FB fanpage, professionally set up and integrated with your website to create a coherent online presence and brand
  • Includes setup of logo, banner, and customized tabs
  • FB fanpage step by step instructions to keep your increasing fan base engaged

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Facebook Advertising Campaign

$549/plus tax

The nice thing about Facebook advertising is that you can target your audience for various promotions (i.e.  by country, age, relationship status, interests, education level, and much more).

  • Split testing of ads to see which performs best (5 campaigns)
  • Testing of headlines, ads, pictures, etc.
  • Using different strategies for different ads until positive results are shown; those ads/strategies then become your standard ads for future campaigns

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Google+ Page Setup

$89/plus tax

For the customer who wants to get socially savy on Google+ which will strengthen Google rankings in the very near future because search is counting into the algorithm social search factors from Google+. You will be the first to benefit from these new developments.

  • A Google+ page to integrate with your website to create coherent online branding
  • Includes setup of logo and banner
  • A Google+ campaign outline for you to get regular content to your Google+ page

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Google Adwords

$449/plus tax

For the customer who wants to get to the top of Search Engine Results Pages through creative advertising and weighted keywords, Google Adword Campaigns.

  • Keyword Research
  • Weighted keyword List
  • Setup of campaign in Google Adwords account
  • Testing click-through-rates, bids, budgets, and results

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$89/plus tax

For the customer who wants a Twitter presence, to be able to relate to influences in your industry, and to gain followers to market to them

  • A Twitter page to integrate with your website to create a visual brand
  • Includes setup of logo and banner
  • A Twitter campaign outline for you to get regular content to your Twitter page
  • Specifics to target your potential customers

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$89/plus tax

Ideal for customers who sell products or a service; ranks well in Google and quickly creates a huge following/audience.

  • A Pinterest page
  • Setup of logo and description of your company
  • A Pinterest campaign outline for you to get regular content onto your Pinterest Page
  • Training to get pictures and “pin” pictures and videos on your page

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$89/plus tax

For the customer who wants a YouTube presence with increasing subscribers and audience to your channel, YouTube videos rank very well on search engine results pages that have few or no videos.

  • A YouTube channel for your business or organization’s area of interest
  • A personalized channel page to integrate with your website to create a visual brand
  • A YouTube campaign outline for you to get regular content to your YouTube page

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Yearly Maintenance

$119/plus tax

For the customer who wants their WordPress website security updated 4 times a year. We back up your entire WordPress installation. Widgets, themes, plugins, files and SQL database – the entire package!

  • Quarterly security updates
  • Quarterly update of website framework
  • Quarterly update of website theme
  • Quarterly backup of database
  • Quarterly backup of entire website
  • In case of virus/hacker/security warnings, we provide immediate updates including plugins

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starting at

$399/plus tax

For the customer who has a WordPress website and wants to give it a new look; choose ANY WordPress theme like StudioPress, PremiumPress, WooThemes, Forest Themes, and more.

  • New theme (layout) installed
  • New security updates installed
  • New framework updates installed
  • Redirects within site as needed (price dependent upon number of redirects)
  • Changes to categories, pages, etc.
  • Integrated with Social Media
  • Responsive for Mobile Devices

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We have internet skills to make your website or social media campaign look professional and interesting. Tell us what you need and we will give you a quote.

More Add-Ons For Your Website



Customized webform on your site, mailing lists, autoreponders, broadcasts, etc.


Need a video?

We can help you make a company video, sales video, landing page video, etc.


Digital Artwork

Logos, banners, brochures, promotional materials, business cards, etc.


Need content?

We have writers available to write articles to your titles.


Professional Copy

Copywriting for sales letters, landing pages, autoresponders, email templates, etc.


Adding Functionality to your Site

We can add a business directory to your existing site, add a membership area, or create an ecommerce store for you.

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